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Meditation Mob – A Drop-in Mindfulness Meditation Group

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Who We Are and What We Do

The Meditation Mob is a weekly drop-in mindfulness meditation group open to all graduate and undergraduate students.  We meet on Tuesdays from 12:00 - 12:50 on the 9th floor (top floor) of Millikan Library.  It's the tallest building on campus - you can't miss us!  We're in the study room to your left as soon as you step off the elevator.

What is mindfulness?  It's paying attention to your present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is.  It's a great way to boost your concentration, to feel more engaged in your life, and to manage stressful experiences more easily.  The group is taught from a secular, evidence-based perspective and incorporates relevant research whenever possible.  The facilitator, Dr. Lee Coleman, is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator through the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California, Los Angeles.

Each week, we'll have a short introduction to that day's topic, time for Q&A, and then we'll have half an hour of guided meditation.  Whether you're brand new to meditation or already have an established meditation practice, we'd love to have you.  All Caltech students are welcome – come as you are!

The mindfulness meditation exercises taught in this group and hosted below are not a form of psychotherapy and are not intended as any form of psychological treatment.

Mailing List

Join the Meditation Mob e-mail list for weekly reminders about group meetings and occasional updates on mindfulness-related research.


Our new home is on the 9th floor of Millikan Library.  We'll meet there every Tuesday from 12:00 - 12:50 in the study room just to your left when you step off the elevator.  Just's the top floor of the tallest building on campus.

• As of the end of Fall term 2017, we've had over 1,000 attendees since the group's inception.  There are currently 117 subscribers to the weekly mailing list.

• Sit in style!  We have 20 high-quality meditation cushion sets available to anyone who wishes to use them during the group.  Here are some basic instructions on how to find a comfortable sitting posture on a meditation cushion or even in a regular chair.  (294.4 KB PDF, IMSS login required) 

Research Spotlight

Wondering how mindfulness meditation works, what it helps with, and what it doesn't help with?  Here's a great review from a conceptual and neural perspective (322.4 KB PDF), and a 2014 meta-analysis from JAMA (407.6 KB PDF) that shows what mindfulness practice seems to help with.

MP3 Archive

All downloads are available to anyone with a valid, active IMSS account through Caltech.  Not sure where to start?  Try group #31, which covers the basics of mindfulness practice.

Group # Date Topic Download
146 03/13/18  
145 03/06/18  
144 02/27/18  
143 02/20/18  
142 02/06/18  
141 01/30/18  
140 01/23/18  
139 01/09/18  
138 12/19/17 Who are you?  Noting the arising of a sense of self 62.1 MB MP3
137 12/12/17

Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism, and Mindfulness

60.7 MB MP3

136 11/28/17

Hearing practice with William Basinski's The Disintegration Loops

(This practice involves listening to a song, DLP 4; listen to the above MP3 first, then follow the YouTube link)

14.7 MB MP3

20m 07s YouTube video

135 11/21/17

Choiceless awareness meditation

61.4 MB MP3

134 11/14/17

Gratitude practice (plus celebrating our 1,000th member)

59.2 MB MP3

133 11/07/17

Directly experiencing change over time through bodily sensations

57.5 MB MP3

132 10/31/17

Stepping out of the hurricane of difficult emotions

63.2 MB MP3

131 10/24/17

Listening and hearing practice with ambient sound

61.6 MB MP3

130 10/17/17

Mindful awareness of how emotional states show up in our body

65.0 MB MP3

129 10/10/17

Being ok with who we are - even the parts we'd rather forget about

49.8 MB MP3

128 10/03/17

Allowing things to be as they are when everything is falling apart

58.4 MB MP3

127 09/26/17

The future ain't here yet

57.1 MB MP3

126 09/05/17

The ways we fool ourselves

59.9 MB MP3

125 08/29/17

Meditation is not enough: How to become more engaged with the world

54.8 MB MP3

124 08/22/17

Different perspectives on mindfulness of the body

59.8 MB MP3

123 08/15/17

Meditations on privilege

No audio today

122 08/08/17

Returning our focus to the breath

55.0 MB MP3

121 07/25/17

Walking meditation - no audio today; link goes to a video explanation by Mark Coleman (no relation)

3m 07s YouTube video

120  06/27/17

Awareness of feeling tones using a double noting technique

61.9 MB MP3

119 06/13/17

Proust, mind wandering, and returning to the present moment

56.8 MB MP3

118 06/06/17

What focusing on hearing can teach us about relating differently to our thoughts

60.9 MB MP3

117 05/30/17

Mindfully reflecting on your needs

58.6 MB MP3

116 05/23/17

Lovingkindness for neutral people

59.5 MB MP3

115 05/16/17

Using a noting and labeling practice to simplify present-time awareness

60.2 MB MP3

114  05/09/17

Training our attention can help us safely endure difficult emotional experiences

56.5 MB MP3

113 05/02/17

Mindfulness of automatic thoughts and attributions

62.9 MB MP3

112 04/25/17

Some thoughts on identity

62.4 MB MP3

111 04/18/17

Generating feelings of lovingkindness towards others

56.7 MB MP3

110 04/04/17

Concentration practice focusing on ambient sound

62.1 MB MP3

109 03/28/17

Everyday mindfulness - Informal practices for daily life

61.4 MB MP3

108 03/21/17

Open awareness meditation

61.0 MB MP3

107 03/14/17

Pi Day and irrational emotions

58.6 MB MP3

106 03/07/17

Lovingkindness practice for ourselves

Cohn, M. A., & Frederickson, B. L. (2010). In search of durable positive psychology interventions: Predictors and consequences of long-term positive behavior change. Journal of Positive Psychology, 5(5), 355-366. doi:10.1080/17439760.2010.508883

Frederickson, B. L., Cohn, M. A., Coffey, K. A., Pek, J., & Finkel, S. M. (2008). Open Hearts Build Lives: Positive Emotions, Induced Through Loving-Kindness Meditation, Build Consequential Personal Resources. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95(5), 1045-1062. doi:10.1037/a0013262

Hofmann, S. G., Grossman, P., & Hinton, D. E. (2011). Loving-kindness and compassion meditation: Potential for psychological interventions. Clinical Psychology Review, 31, 1126-1132.

 Hutcherson, C., A., Seppala, E. M., & Gross, J., J. (2015). The neural correlates of social connection. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 15, 1-14.  

Klimecki, O. M., Leiberg, S., Lamm, C., & Singer, T. (2013). Functional Neural Plasticity and Associated Changes in Positive Affect After Compassion Training. Cerebral Cortex, July 2013(23), 1552-1561. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhs142

Seppala, E. M., Hutcherson, C., A., Nguyen, D. T., Doty, J. R., & Gross, J., J. (2014). Loving-kindness meditation: a tool to improve healthcare provider compassion, resilience, and patient care. Journal of Compassionate Health Care, 1(5). doi:10.1186/s40639-014-0005-9

Shahar, B., Szsepsenwol, O., Zilcha-Mano, S., Haim, N., Zamir, O., Levi-Yeshuvi, S., & Levit-Binnum, N. (2014). A Wait-List Randomized Controlled Trial of Loving-Kindness Meditation Programme for Self-Criticism. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, March. doi:10.1002/cpp.1893

59.5 MB MP3



334.2 KB PDF




452 KB PDF




203.9 KB PDF




589.3 KB PDF



4.6 MB PDF



837 KB PDF



539.9 KB PDF 

105 02/28/17 

Concentration practice focused on the breath

65.3 MB MP3

104 02/21/17

Introduction to attachment theory

Supplemental handout:

Brief introduction to attachment styles

49.7 MB MP3


47.6 KB PDF

103 02/14/17

Developing concentration through hearing ambient sounds

59.2 MB MP3

102 02/07/17

The 3 pillars of mindful self-compassion

Supplemental article: 

Neff, K. D. (2003). Self-Compassion: An Alternative Conceptualization of a Healthy Attitude Toward Oneself. Self and Identity, 2, 85-101. 

66.4 MB MP3


135.3 MB PDF

101 01/31/17

Motivated cognition: Writing the stories we already believe

Supplemental article: 

Hughes, B. L., & Zaki, J. (2015). The neuroscience of motivated cognition. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 19(2), 62-64.

56.5 MB MP3


467.1 KB PDF

100 01/24/17 100th meeting celebration, and why we do this in the first place 64.3 MB MP3
99 01/17/17 Practicing nonviolence within ourselves 53.1 MB MP3
98 01/10/17 An ethos of attention 47.6 MB MP3
97 12/13/16 Mindfulness of bodily sensations  28.5 MB MP3 
96 12/06/16 Noticing our immediate judgments of the present moment  30.4 MB MP3 
95 11/15/16 Mindfully talking with people you disagree with   31.5 MB MP3
94 11/08/16 Mindfulness of emotional states   28.1 MB MP3
93 11/01/16 Riding the train of thought without going to Albuquerque - mindfulness of thinking  29.8 MB MP3 
92 10/25/16 Going with the flow - hanging in there when things don't turn out the way you wanted   33.5 MB MP3
91 10/11/16  Me too; developing empathy through mindfulness practice 30.9 MB MP3 
90 10/04/16 Back to basics - Mindfulness as a way of feeling curious and kind towards ourselves   30.3 MB MP3
89 09/27/16 2nd birthday extravaganza - Being ok now instead of waiting for circumstances to change  28.6 MB MP3 
88 09/06/16  Choiceless awareness practice 28.0 MB MP3 
87 08/30/16 Lovingkindess meditation for ourselves and neutral people  29.8 MB MP3 
86 08/23/16 Keeping our attention in one place - why does concentration matter?  30.3 MB MP3 
85 08/16/16 Olympic challenge: Generating goodwill towards difficult people  32.5 MB MP3 
84 08/09/16 How to have experiences without identifying with them  30.8 MB MP3 
83 08/02/16 Investigating self-generated emotions  30.1 MB MP3 
82.2 07/26/16 Reflections on a meditation retreat; lovingkindness meditation for ourselves  34.6 MB MP3 
82.1 07/05/16  What kind of company are you for yourself?  Reflections on silence and solitude 27.8 MB MP3 
81 06/28/16 Mindful social media usage   31.4 MB MP3
80 06/21/16

Compassion for difficult people

25.4 MB MP3
79 06/14/16

Lovingkindness meditation after a tragedy

27.6 MB MP3
78 06/07/16

Choiceless awareness meditation using a labeling technique

27.6 MB MP3
77 05/31/16

What happens in Vegas... / meditation on bodily sensations

27.1 MB MP3
76 05/24/16

What to do when things don't go as planned...

 29.9 MB MP3
75 05/17/16

Lovingkindness meditation

 27.9 MB MP3
74 05/10/16

The color of the smoke: Fire watching and meditation

 30.2 MB MP3
73 05/03/16

Meditation on breath sensations, and why we do it

 29.8 MB MP3
72 4/26/16

What's that noise?  Ambient sound meditation

 28.4 MB MP3
71 4/19/16

Lovingkindness meditation

 23.5 MB MP3
70 4/12/16

Breath focus with minimal guidance

64.6 MB MP3

69 04/05/16

Some thoughts on compassion; self-compassion meditation

Dr. Kristin Neff's website - it's a great resource for learning more about self-compassion (opens in new window)

25.0 MB MP3

68 03/29/16 Diamonds, brownies, and letting go; concentration practice focused on the breath 25.8 MB MP3 
67 03/22/16 Meditation on positive, negative, and neutral judgments 25.5 MB MP3 
66 03/15/16 Lovingkindness meditation 27.4 MB MP3 
65 03/08/16 Meditation on external sound 26.9 MB MP3 
64 03/01/16 Some thoughts on living, dying, and not having a toothache; choiceless awareness meditation 26.1 MB MP3 
62 02/09/16 Meditation on breath sensations  27.4 MB MP3
61 02/02/16 Meditation on external sound  52.0 MB MP3
60 01/26/16 Meditation on the breath 48.2 MB MP3 
59 01/19/16 Lovingkindness meditation  51.7 MB MP3
58 01/12/16 "Turn to face the strange" (remembering David Bowie) breath meditation  49.1 MB MP3
57 01/05/16 Meditation on positive, negative, and neutral judgments 60.4 MB MP3 
56 12/22/16 No audio this week
55 12/15/15 Pain vs. suffering; breath meditation 51.3 MB MP3 
54 12/08/15 Being present with pain and difficult experiences; choiceless awareness meditation 58.2 MB MP3 
53 12/01/15 Sustaining your home practice; breath meditation  53.7 MB MP3
52 11/24/15

Walking meditation - no audio today; link goes to a video explanation by Mark Coleman (no relation)

3m 07s YouTube video

51 11/17/15 A mindful response to terrorism; lovingkindness meditation  57.5 MB MP3
50 11/10/15 Meditation on bodily sensations 51.9 MB MP3 
49 11/03/15

Choiceless awareness meditation

55.3 MB MP3

48 10/27/15

Focusing on breath and bodily sensations

53.3 MB MP3

47 10/20/15

Lovingkindness meditation

Lovingkindness meditation cheat sheet

The Nondiscriminating Heart - Lovingkindness Meditation Training Decreases Implicit Intergroup Bias

Loving-Kindness Meditation Increases Social Connectedness

Open Hearts Build Lives - Positive Emotions, Induced Through Loving-Kindness Meditation, Build Consequential Personal Resources

Functional Neural Plasticity and Associated Changes in Positive Affect After Compassion Training


55.9 MB MP3

26.9 KB PDF


154.7 KB PDF


50.3 KB PDF


190.0 KB PDF


4.6 MB PDF

46 10/13/15

Focusing on bodily sensations

53.2 MB MP3
45 10/6/15

Focusing on the breath

54.7 MB MP3
44 9/29/15

A new academic year

52.6 MB MP3
43 9/15/15

Breath meditation

57.9 MB MP3
42 9/8/15

Focus on ambient sound

54.3 MB MP3
41 9/1/15

Choiceless awareness meditation

57.9 MB MP3
40 8/25/15

Breath and bodily sensations

50.0 MB MP3
39 8/18/2015

Cultivating positive emotions:  Kindness

(no audio today; link goes to a PDF that you can use to practice)

32.3 KB PDF
38 8/11/2015 Developing concentration with a breath focus 54.6 MB MP3
37 7/28/2015 How does meditation help? 59.4 MB MP3
36 7/21/2015 Walking meditation - no audio today; link goes to a video explanation by Mark Coleman (no relation) 3m 07s YouTube video
35 7/14/2015 Focus on the breath 55.4 MB MP3
34 7/7/2015 Pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral judgments 58.9 MB MP3
33 6/30/2015 Choiceless awareness meditation, half guided, half unguided 56.1 MB MP3
32 6/23/2015 Ambient sound meditation 52.7 MB MP3
31 6/16/2015 Back to basics:  Reintroducing mindfulness, and focusing on the breath and bodily sensations  57.4 MB MP3
30 6/9/2015  Choiceless awareness meditation (focusing on all senses)  52.7 MB MP3
29 6/2/2015 Breath and bodily sensations   57.7 MB MP3
28 5/26/2015 Top-secret amazing mindfulness techniques never again to be shared in the mortal realm for as long as you shall live No audio (Actually, nobody came today because of finals, so I just cancelled.)
27 5/19/2015 Breath meditation   54.7 MB MP3
26 5/12/2015 Attachment theory  59.0 MB MP3 
25 5/5/2015

Bodily experiences of emotions

Article:  Bodily Maps of Emotions 

63.1 MB MP3

1.7 MB PDF

24 4/28/2015

Relational mindfulness:  Giving your full attention to others

(Participants practiced talking to and listening to one another mindfully.  I chose not to record this session to reduce inhibitions during the practice.)

No audio for this practice
23 4/21/2015 Pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral judgments 60.4 MB MP3 
22 4/14/2015 Lovingkindness meditation with extra emphasis on people different from you 57.4 MB MP3
21 4/7/2015 Choiceless awareness - no particular object of meditation 58.2 MB MP3
20 3/24/2015 Eating meditation (to fully participate, please have something to eat available) 49.7 MB MP3
19 3/17/2015 Breath and bodily sensations 55.7 MB MP3
18 3/10/2015  Dealing with difficult emotions:  The RAIN technique 57.9 MB MP3


Choiceless awareness - that is, no particular object of meditation

60.9 MB MP3

16 2/24/2015

Focusing on the components of thinking: Internal imagery, self-talk, and self-generated emotion

61.3 MB MP3

15 2/17/2015

Walking meditation - no audio today; link goes to a video explanation by Mark Coleman (no relation)

3m 07s YouTube video

14 2/10/2015

Sensory clarity: Hearing external sound and internal self-talk

65.9 MB MP3

Workshop 2/9/2015 Reference list and suggested readings from my talk, The Art and Science of Mindfulness 45.4 KB PDF
13 2/3/2015

Hacking the default mode network

Meditation Experience is Associated with Differences in Default Mode Network Activity and Connectivity

36.7 MB MP3

691.6 KB PDF

12 1/27/2015

Lovingkindness meditation

60.7 MB MP3

11 1/20/2015

Emotions and emotion regulation

64.6 MB MP3

10 1/13/2015

Bodily sensations

38.4 MB MP3

9 1/6/2015

Back to basics:  Why bother to meditate, and focusing on the breath

35.6 MB MP3

8 12/16/2014

Lovingkindness meditation

Lovingkindness meditation cheat sheet

The Nondiscriminating Heart - Lovingkindness Meditation Training Decreases Implicit Intergroup Bias

Loving-Kindness Meditation Increases Social Connectedness

Open Hearts Build Lives - Positive Emotions, Induced Through Loving-Kindness Meditation, Build Consequential Personal Resources

Functional Neural Plasticity and Associated Changes in Positive Affect After Compassion Training


57.3 MB MP3

26.9 KB PDF

154.7 KB PDF

50.3 KB PDF

190.0 KB PDF

4.6 MB PDF

7 12/09/2014

The breath - the first foundation of mindfulness

24.9 MB MP3

6 11/18/2014

The four foundations of mindfulness - review of everything up until now

Cheat sheet:  The four foundations of mindfulness

54.7 MB MP3

39.4 MB PDF

5 11/11/2014

Mental objects (your train of thought)

63.3 MB MP3

4 11/04/2014

Meditation on emotions

Poem:  Rumi's The Guest House

Putting Feelings Into Words - Affect Labeling Disrupts Amygdala Activity In Response to Affective Stimuli

59.4 MB MP3

26.2 KB PDF

451.3 KB PDF

3 10/28/2014

Pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral judgments

65.7 MB MP3

2 10/21/2014

Bodily sensations

55.9 MB MP3

1 10/14/2014

Breath counting and breath sensations

66.8 MB MP3

Questions?  Drop the facilitator, Dr. Lee Coleman, a line at meditate [at]